Hi.  My name is Angela and I’m a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.  I spent six years sober in AA from 1988 through 1994.  I relapsed not due to resentment or anger or any other emotion, but to being put on pain medication and muscle relaxers for a herniated disc.  The medications re-activated my addiction and I would spend the next 17 years back and forth between  sobriety and full-blown active addiction.

I’ve made up my mind now to stay sober no matter what.  My sobriety date is March 17, 2012 – St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m building my own recovery program and this blog will serve as a monitoring device for what I’m finding works for me.

I do attend AA meetings although it is a somewhat uncomfortable alliance in my case.  Unfortunately, AA is the only group support available in my area although I hope to change that in due time.  I have the utmost respect for people who find recovery and it makes no difference to me how they do it.

I will never put down the people of AA in these pages, but I will critique the program because I believe it hurts almost as many people as it helps and things need to change.  Things are slowly changing and it’s us, recovering addicts and alcoholics, who will assure that more choice becomes available for people in recovery.

I’m doing my part.  Welcome to my blog.


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